Final fantasy movie list

Final fantasy Introduction

Before diving into Final Fantasy movie list, lets check some historical background.

Last Fantasy is a Square Enix establishment that began in 1987 as the aftereffect of a coordinated effort between Hironobu Sakaguchi (the engineer of the series) and Yoshitaka Amano, who was the person fashioner for the principal title.

The Final Fantasy establishment started in 1987 with the arrival of the main game. The series has kept on developing from that point onward, including 16 games and different side projects. As more substance is delivered, it becomes hard to monitor all that has been added to the establishment .

The Final Fantasy series has included many movies, going from short to full length. The principal film in the series was Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals (1994) and the most recent being Last Order: Final Fantasy VII (2005).

Now, Lets go through Final fantasy movie list in order.

Final fantasy movie list

1. Final fantasy: legend of the crystals (1994)

Final Fantasy

Final fantasy was very popular back in its day and many movies based on it were made. The first episode of this anime to air in Japan was a series. Each episode lasted 30 minutes, and there were 4 episodes in total.

 Based on the mysterious “Final Fantasy 5”. Two descendants of the hero Battsu are now trying to find the crystals 150 years later. They meet monsters, phantoms, and two airship captains on their journey, one an ambitious but bumbling man, and the other a sexy pirate chief. Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals also includes the famous Planet R, where the entirety of Final Fantasy V was set. 

The film is set 200 years after Final Fantasy V. The heroes of Final Fantasy are now part of the past. They are considered legends by many. Problems arise when Deathgyunos, an evil character, steals 3 of the 4 crystals. The Black Moon is his home and he must find new heroes to save Planet R. Final Fantasy fans will be familiar with Mid, a character who lives on the Black Moon. Mid meets Prettz (heroine), and Linaly (“heroine”) and asks them for help in saving the world. They are joined by Rogue, a Sky Pirate and Valucs, the commander of Iron Wing. They fight Deathgyunos to save Planet R.

2. Final fantasy: the spirits within (2001)

Final fanasy the spritis within

With the aid of a small army of soldiers, a scientist takes a stand against an alien invasion. A meteor crashes onto Earth in 2065. It unleashes a race of strange, phantom-like alien creatures that roam the Earth, decimating cities and fields alike. With the aid of a small army of soldiers, Dr. Aki Ross, a young scientist, makes a last stand against the invasion of alien phantoms. 


With the help of Dr. Sid, her mentor and an old friend, Captain Gray Edwards Aki from Deep Eyes, she seeks out information about their purpose as well as their physiology. There is tension between Aki’s attempt to stop the alien invasion through study and the more extreme solution preferred by General Hein, a vengeful and saber-rattling general who would destroy the Earth and both the aliens!

3. Final fantasy: unlimited (2001)

Final Fantasy unlimited

Although it’s not a movie, it’s worth mentioning. Final Fantasy Unlimited was released the same year that Spirits Within. But don’t get confused. Final Fantasy Spirits Within was a movie, while Final Fantasy Unlimited was an extension of Final Fantasy. It was released on DVD in 2003. There were seven volumes total.

Two twins, Yu Hayakawa and Ai Hayakawa, are the focus of the story. They set out to find their parents after they lose their parents. They end up in Wonderland. Makenshi and Kaze, who have superpowers, also end up in Wonderland.

It is split into two sections. The first section shows the four people in the group travel around Wonderland by Ghost Train. They meet Omega, a destructive being who lives in fragments. Earl Tyrant, an antagonist, is looking for these fragments so that he can become Unlimited (he will have the same power as Makenshi or Kaze).

The second part sees the group joining forces with rebels called Comodeen. Earl and the Comodeen want water that defies gravity, but they have different motives. The Wonderland is liberated by Earl, who is killed. Ai and Yu are then reunited with their parents.

4. Final fantasy VII: Advent children (2005)

Final Fantasy VII Advent children

The film is set in the same world and continues the story of Final Fantasy VII. It was first released in Japan in 2005, and was then released in Europe and America in 2006.

This is a fascinating story that reveals that many children around the world have been infected by an unknown disease. These children are captured by a mysterious trio. Cloud Strife, the hero of Final Fantasy VII, appears and decides to save the children. He discovers that there are many things in his path when he tries to rescue the children. He discovers that Sephiroth is being resurrected. Cloud and his team must stop Sephiroth’s resurrecting attempts to save the world.

5. Final fantasy VII: Last order (2005)

Last Order Final Fantasy VII

This was an original animation video and was completely anime. It was also released by Final Fantasy’s original producers. Square Enix truly delighted fans with this special edition.

Last Order shows us two events. These events took place before Final Fantasy VII’s main events. One event saw Zack and Cloud Strife trying to escape from Shinra, a large corporation.

In the Nibelheim scenario, Strife, Zack Fair and Sephiroth are the main focus. By cutting scenes from one of the scenarios, the two scenarios can be shown simultaneously to the viewers. Last Order was a disappointment for many fans as it seemed to be different from the original Final Fantasy VII series. It was nevertheless a huge success and was well-sold long before its release date.

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