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6 Bollywood movies with Alternate Endings

Bollywood movies Alternate Endings

You might have seen many Bollywood hits with incredible endings. Well, what you don’t know is that there were other versions made for these movies which will surprise you! Here These alternate endings could not be part of the movie itself but were made into short films for promotional purposes.

Most Bollywood movies also have different ends which are shown in theaters to limited audience and depending on the response of that limited audience during previews, final cut to be released is decided.

Here are some Bollywood movie alternate endings that didn’t make it to the final cut.

6. Pink (2016)

Pink movie alterrnate ending
Pink (2016) movie

Minal, Falak and Andrea meet Rajveer and his companions through a shared companion in a stage performance. They choose to eat after the show. Rajveer and his companions misconstrue this as a sign and Rajveer attempts to constrain himself on Minal. Minal in a demonstration of self preservation hits Rajveer, unfortunately harming him in light of which he documents an attempted murder charges against them. The film ‘Pink’ shows the fight in court of Minal and her companions to demonstrate their guiltlessness. The film additionally depicts the view of Indian culture towards ladies who don’t buy in to cultural norms of culture and profound quality.

Director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury keeps the allegations stronger than the protection and in light of current circumstances. The deception and obsolete mindset resound through everybody and now and again, out of culpability of being a piece of it. Pink is a vital film for the present occasions and as an impact for the people in the future

The young ladies dressed in Pink go through a wild preliminary in court, as they battle for their honor. Despite the fact that they are honest, the framework consumes most of the day to recognize that reality. Eventually, despite everything, the girls in the end come out successful and declared innocent by the court.

Pink Movie Alternate Ending

In the alternate version which was the actual thought of the writers, the young ladies lose the case the folks win it notwithstanding all the chances recommended by the confirmations! According to the writers the original end might have proved shocking and would certainly have not gone down well with the audiences.

5. PK (2014)

pk movie alternate ending
PK (2014) movie

An Alien (later called PK throughout the movie) lands in an inaccessible location in India in which a thief robs his key and he is unable to get back on the spacecraft in the absence of it.

While there in Belgium an Indian girl named Jaggu is in affection with Pakistani boy Sarfraaz and they decide to get married in defiance of their parents’ wishes, but Sarfraaz is not present on their wedding day.Jaggu is back in India and is employed by an Indian news channel.


She meets this alien who calls him PK and is seeking the help for God.Jaggu decides to report on the story, which is shocking. PK claims that he has visited all places of worship and has asked God to get his locket back but God has heard from him .

He comes across Tapasvi Maharaj who holds the locket and tries to deceive people by saying it’s an object of worship belonging to Lord Shankar.Pk along with Jaggu are determined to bring him down, as well as other god-men of different religions who have turned religion into their primary business. Ultimately PK gets his spacecraft remote and returns to his planet.

PK Alternate Ending

Initially PK should end with Jaggu and Sarfaraaz recollecting PK by doing the Battery Recharge Dance. Anyway while during a few test screenings, producers the assessment that everybody needed to see PK back on the planet and depart the film lobby cheerfully on their appearances.

Furthermore, obviously there was an extension to think of that consummation as PK can get back to earth any time. So producers chose to reshoot the finish of the film and concocted the closure we saw where PK (Amir Khan) gets back to earth with accomplice (Ranbir Kapoor).

4. Delhi 6 (2009)

Delhi6 alternate ending
Delhi 6 (2006) movie

U.S.-based Roshan Mehra’s mother, Fatima who lives in the U.S., is Muslim and his father is Hindu. When his mother, Annapurna, wants to move back to Delhi to spend her final days, he joins her. When they arrive the couple are greeted with a warm welcome from Ali Beg, who wanted to get married to Fatima however could not express the feelings he had for her. 

The couple also get to visit members of the Sharma families, and they are hoping they can get him married Rama and who is the child of Madan who is seeking a bride for his wildly exuberant child, Bittu and who would like to become one of the next Indian Idol. He also has the opportunity to interact with a variety of Muslim and Hindus who greet him with open arms. And the opportunity to observe that the lower caste Indians are still viewed as a threat even with the advent of technology and the launch satellites. 

As reports of Kala Bandhar terrorizing the community increase, Kala Bandhar infiltrating the local community increase, Hindus start to suspect that it might be an Muslim terrorist, while Muslims are concerned that it could be the result of a Hindu plot to destroy the mosque.

In the final scene of the film, we learn the scene in which Roshan (Abhishek Bachchan) wears his avatar of the notorious Kala Bandar and tries to stop Bittu (Sonam Kapoor) from getting married to an unpopular photographer she was seeing. He confesses to his love for her , but very soon, he is assaulted by locals who think he is the Kala Bandar. He suffers multiple injuries but eventually recovers.

Delhi 6 Alternate Ending

In the original plan of the ending Roshan was to succumb to his injuries and die. The makers even showed the film with this alternative ending before members of the National Awards committee and planned to release the film worldwide using this ending! But they did not decide to use it in the end since “Happy ending” might have been the most important requirement in an Bollywood film.

3. Rang De Basanti (2006)

Rang de basanti alternte ending
Rang de basanti (2006) Movie

Sue comes to India to make a film on Indian revolutionaries. She is helped by her friend Sonia who introduces her to her friends Karan,Aslam,Sukhi and their head DJ. Sonia’s fiance Lt Ajay Rathod also joins the gang when in town.Their gang always gets in trouble with a political member Laxman who opposes their western culture.After many auditions Sue decides to caste DJ and his friend’s in her film. She also casts Laxman in a role thus ending his feud with the gang.

All things are going well until Ajay dies in plane crash but manages to save everyone on board. The state minister declares that Ajay died due to his own negligence . DJ an his friends can’t take shame given to Ajay by minister and decide to fight for justice.Where things will take ugly events due to political games. Soon the 5 young boys who were merely playing part of revolutionaries in documentary film, actually feels the meaning of being revolutionaries and starts acting against the corrupt system in real-life.

The last scene showed actors aamir khan and sidharth laughing it off till their last breaths, the scene freezes and we only hear gun shots and ultimately film raps up with reactions from students all over the country.

Rang De Basanti Alternate Ending

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra said he ended the climax a week before release.He also revealed that the original climax was to have the funeral of Aamir and Sidharth’s character. Rakeysh admitted that before the movie’s release on 26th January 2006,  he showed the movie to young audience and they kept asking why the boys had to die.

He even conducted experiment across several colleges by spreading fake news about “College students have captured All India Radio; And now government is sending commandos” to record reactions. But at revelation of his experiment in front of students, he  soon understood that audience didn’t wanted to see the boys die. But he sticked to his instincts and doing a minor change, He didn’t show any shooting or funeral of  the Heroes.

2. Aankhen (2002)

Aankhen movie alternate ending

Vijay Singh Rajput was been a good man his life as an employee for his bank and was recognized numerous times. But in the past few years Vijay has become extremely possessive towards the bank , and doesn’t regret beating his employees for making mistakes. The management of the bank eventually takes the decision to remove him off his position due to his violent behavior. An unhappy Vijay decides to take bring the bank to justice.

He discovers Neha who teaches blind people by keeping her younger brother in captivity. Vijay chooses three blind people Arjun, Ilias and Vishwas to be his target and then asks Neha to instruct them on how to steal from the bank. Vishwas who has a sixth sense , has realized that Neha isn’t the one of the plot, however there is another person behind the plan.

At the end after Ilias dies in weird situation, Vijay Singh Rajput falls in his own trap and ultimately confesses to his crime and lands up in jail. On the other hand Viswas & Arjun decides to take care of Rahul (neha’s brother) and find the missing jewels hidden by Ilias.

Aankhen Alternate Ending

However, this was not the way the filmmakers intended to conclude the film. They planned an alternative ending in which Rajput bribes the police, and then escapes. Vishwas as well as Arjun are in a train , waiting to go out of town. Rajput arrives on the train station and announces that “a dangerous game is about to begin” and the two blind men pull out their guns , pointing at Rajput. 

The alternative ending was made available globally, but the “good over evil” version was the preferred one in India.

1. Sholay (1975)

Sholay alternate ending
Sholay (1975) movie

The retired officer Thakur Baldev Singh receives two convicts Jaidev as well as Veeru, to catch Gabbar Singh the bandit chief who is terrorizing the tiny village of Ramgarh. Gabbar killed Thakur’s entire family, and even was forced to cut off his arms. Not able to get revenge on himself, Thakur Baldev Singh recruits Veeru and Jaidev two small-time criminals. They agree to take Gabbar Singh in person and hand the man into Baldev Singh.

However, things don’t happen as planned. Veeru has a crush on the local driver of horse carriages, Basanti while Jai begins to feel romantic feelings towards Baldev Singh’s widowed daughter in-law, Radha. In addition, Gabbar has sworn to murder each of Jaidev and Veeru and is holding Basanti in a state of hostage in order to lure them towards him. However, Jaidev and Veeru were so clever, no bandit could beat them. Ultimately at the climax, Jay gets KIA, Gabbar is defeated and handed over to the police and everyone lives happily ever after.

Sholay Alternate Ending

However, in the original version which was directed by Ramesh Sippy, Gabbar is supposed to be killed by Thakur and also featured additional violent sequences. The violence did not go nicely with the board of censors. Ramesh Sippy had to re shoot the ending that resulted in the ending we saw in the film. 

The original ending got released fifteen years after in the year 1990, when the original videotape of the movie became available.

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