Money Heist Mask & costume

Money Heist Mask & Costume: Understanding The Background

The highly anticipated premiere of Money Heist Season 5 was an international event, which has become a huge hit in Spain. It broke the record for the most watched TV show in Spanish history. In the premiere episode of Money Heist, a group of elite criminals breaks into the Royal Mint of Spain and steals 2.4 million euros in cash. During this whole time, they remain anonymous behind their white-faced masks and Red jumpsuits. Its interesting to see people are not only becoming fans of the Series itself but also getting fond of the Money Heist Mask & Costume. (Lot of merchandise are also available for the fans now.)

With their disrespectful Dali veils and radiant red tone, the outfits likewise fill in as an actual image of the show’s topic: “Obstruction, anger, and incredulity” towards “the framework,” as the Professor says in scene 1 of season 3. Its interesting & Fun to know little background about “Money Heist Mask & Costume”.

Money Heist Mask (The Salvador Dali Mask)

The money heist dali mask
The Dali Mask

Many think the Money Heist Mask is related to Salvador Dali, Spanish Surrealist painter and print maker, influential for his explorations of subconscious imagery.

salvador dali money heist mask
Salvador Dali (Image credit:

Dali for sure upheld the tyrant system of Francisco Franco (that was in resistance with the Resistance addressed by the Gang partnership): sprucing up with his face would be then an approach to incidentally remind how that philosophy tossed Spain into an emergency for over 30 years.

In the wake of this understanding, there are others very comparable: some think that the veil exemplifies the Resistance and some others imagine that it’s the portrayal of the Dali absurdity.

“This mask shows the spirit of the Resistance that everyone should have in the face of injustice”

At the point when the acclaimed Spanish craftsman was alive, quite a bit of his work was made during Zurich’s Dada development, which was tied in with dismissing the cutting edge entrepreneur society. As well as needing to get rich, the cheats intend to appropriate their taken abundance, overturning the industrialist framework. As it were, Dalí’s methods of reasoning line up with the criminals’ qualities in La Casa de Papel.The mediator of the educator, Alvaro Morte, portrays his contemplations with the expression of “Obstruction”, to clarify the inclination who everybody carried on with in life when was hijacked from ” La casa de Papel” and needed to battle against something substantially more greater than him.

In the event that that perusing is valid, perhaps Alex Pina needed to impart us a feeling of having a place, to make us a player in a gathering that battles for a typical goal. Itziar Ituno, who’s going about as Raquel, the police officers, thinks about the veil as a portrayal of the craziness of Salvador Dalì. His virtuoso cut him to separate the limits in the vanguard of his period and carry the creative development to outrageous positions.

Be that as it may, regularly stupidity and virtuoso get inseparably!! They’re not by any means the only understandings. A few entertainers find in the cover the image against mass utilization, connecting the painter with a diligent employee who committed his self for aiding needy individuals.

So ultimately the The Money Heist Mask comes more near to “A symbol of Resistance”.


Money Heist Costume (The Red Jumpsuit)

Money Heist costume
Money Heist Costume

The group wears The Money Heist ensemble (Red jumpsuits) for a basic explanation: To cover themselves up while they burglarize different areas with plans just the Professor is adequately creative to think up. The criminals have their prisoners wear a similar red jumpsuit so the police can not recognize the two camps.

The red jumpsuits in Money Heist support the show’s center topic of upheaval. Red is a striking tone, regularly connected with opposition. It’s the shade of blood, which is reasonable why it has emblematic meanings with savagery, just as enthusiasm. Warnings are normally connected with progressive developments, all things considered, just as in fiction — for instance, in Les Miserables. The educator, the genius giving orders in the background, even states in season 1 that gathering isn’t simply focusing on the Royal Mint to acquire cash..

it was a demonstration of “opposition” against “the framework.”

Red has generally represented love, desire, outrage, obstruction and abundance and anything associated with our life power. The tone coordinates with the show’s energy, as feelings will in general run high among Money Heist’s team individuals. The red uniform has a viable reason, obviously. The hoodlums can cover themselves up totally, delivering them unidentifiable to both the prisoners and the police. Remaining as a group in their red coveralls, the cheats acquire power—which isn’t unexpected, taking into account how the Professor consistently underscores fellowship in his arrangements. Red has likewise taken on political importance. After a few unrest all throughout the planet—like in France during the 1700s and Cuba during the 1950s—the shading was utilized to represent new freedoms and opportunities, as indicated by the Google Arts and Culture Center. It’s a shading that exemplifies all that the Professor’s group represents.

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  1. Wow, that’s really interesting to know about the background of the Money Heist masks and costumes! It’s clear that a lot of thought went into their design, and it’s great to see how they have become so iconic.
    I especially like the way the costumes symbolize the show’s themes of resistance and rebellion. The red jumpsuits are bold and eye-catching, and the Salvador Dali masks are both playful and menacing. Together, they create a look that is both unique and unforgettable.

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