Hi!! Its  PK.

The story behind this Website is just like a famous quote from a famous Bollywood movie “3 Idiots“.

  • “Saala pyaar karta hai Jaanwaro se, Aur shaadi kar raha hai machino see…:                                                                                (An Idiot who loves Animal photography and marrying the machines by studying engineering)

I am an Engineer by Education, (Don’t Mind, Everyone makes mistakes 🙂 )

An accountant by Profession. (Well!! Accidents do happen 🙁 )

And a Movie/Tv geek by passion.

I Believe (And Many of you might have felt) that the Entertainment world also plays a vital role in Motivating and Lifting our spirits when “chips are down”.  Filmywisdom.com will love to grow as a community of like minded people sharing same passion and stay Entertained, Endlightened and Motivated through it.

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P.K. (Not the Alien from Pk movie….. 😎 )      – Founder and Editor