Animal Movie controversy or publicity stunt

Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Animal’ Sparks Controversy: Minister’s Divisive Remark Raises Eyebrows

A fresh wave of controversy has erupted surrounding Ranbir Kapoor’s upcoming film ‘Animal.’ Currently in the midst of promotional activities, the movie, helmed by South filmmaker Sandeep Reddy Venga, has captured not only the attention of Hindi cinema enthusiasts but also resonates strongly in the South.

Ranbir’s promotional venture in Hyderabad also witnessed the presence of luminaries like Mahesh Babu and S.S. Rajamouli. During the event, Minister Mala Reddy stirred the pot with a remark, stating, “Ranbirji, I want to tell you something. In the next five years, India will be ruled by Bollywood and Hollywood. Our Telugu community will play a significant role. You also had to relocate to Hyderabad after a year. If you ask why, Bombay is outdated. Bangalore’s traffic snarls are a thing of the past. There is only one city in India, and that’s Hyderabad.”

This statement has obviously ignited a firestorm on social media between Bollywood and South Indian movie fans, leaving many incensed. Post the speech, it’s rumored that even the esteemed Mahesh Babu and S.S. Rajamouli couldn’t hide their discomfort, their expressions reflecting a tinge of embarrassment. Ranbir, however, earned praise for not dismissing the comment lightly and choosing not to brush it off with a mere smile.

But Social media is abuzz with critiques, arguing that at a time when the lines between South and Bollywood are blurring, Mala Reddy’s remarks are discriminatory and have the potential to create a rift between audiences and the film industry. It may be a controversy or a publicity stunt…anything!!!