Mahatma Gandhi movie list

9 Mahatma Gandhi Movies to watch on his birth anniversary

This 2nd October (2021) is the 153rd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi’s life and philosophy is an inspiration to many people across the world. Gandhi Jayanti is a day of celebration for all Indians. The Father of the Nation was a powerful advocate of non-violence, who fought against the British rule in India with these ideologies. He practiced what he preached, and he proved that one man can make a difference in this world.

Mahatma Gandhi Movie List

So today in this Mahatma Gandhi Movie List, We have compiled some of the best movies of Mahatma Gandhi that can give one a better insight of this great personality. The list ranges from Biopics to Sci-fi and His Personal life to a Regional spin-off.

1. Gandhi (1985)

Mahatma gandhi movie list

The acclaimed biographical drama focuses on significant events from the personal life of Mohandas K. Gandhi, the adored Indian leader who fought against British oppression of his nation. A firm believer in the idea of non-violent resistance Gandhi is initially snubbed by English officials as well as the powerful Lord Irwin however, the cause and Gandhi’s efforts become famous worldwide and his demonstrations of protest in passive mode push India toward independence.

Richard Attenborough directed this massive epic about the man who was the first to liberate India. In the beginning of the film, Mahatma Gandhi gets assassinated. The next scene, the funeral, is among the most memorable scenes of the history of cinema. 

Richard Attenborough recreated Gandhi’s funeral scene on the 31st of January 1981, which was the 33rd anniversary date of the actual funeral. It’s believed that close to 400 000 people attended to take part in the production. Its noteworthy that no computer software or CGI technology were available at that time and the funeral scene could be the last crowd of this magnitude that is ever filmed.

2. The Making of the Mahatma (1996)

Mahatma gandhi movie list

Famous filmmaker Shyam Benegal’s ‘The Making the Mahatma’ focuses on the youth of Gandhi. The character of Gandhi was performed by Vyomkesh Baxi’s famous Rajit Kapoor. This is more a tale of the Mahatma’s path to excellence than it is about him.

Benegal has made a reasonable effort to stay clear of Indian stereotypes in which the whites are often portrayed as the villains. Benegal is able to strike a distinction between those who are good and evil without settling for stereotypes. The film tells a engaging account of his change from a lawyer educated in London to an icon of human dignity in the midst of oppression.

3. Hey Ram (2000)

Mahatma gandhi movie list

Saketh Ram’s wife gets murdered and raped during the riots on consequences of the partition of India. Saket believes of the fact that Mahatma Gandhi is at the root of all the issues that are affecting the country, and sets out to murder him.


 But, Saket, after several incidents leading up to the death of Amjad, changes his opinion about Gandhi. He decides to not assassinate Gandhi, and pleads for to be forgiven by Mahatma Gandhi. At the same time, Nathuram Godse is killed by Mahatma Gandhi.

It’s amazing what Kamal Haasan has made with “Experiment with Truth” isn’t only an epic film, but may be the biggest projecting uproar of the last decade, featuring entertainers such as Nasseeruddin Shah (who is a better Gandhi to Ben Kingsley), Om Puri, Shahrukh Khan, Rani Mukherji, Girish Karnad and numerous other prominent names of the Indian Film Industry. 

Cinematography is stunning and Renu Saluja’s editing is a masterwork. Ilayaraja’s score is an extremely emotionally charged score that successfully blends western-inspired instrumentals with traditional carnatic soundscapes. The film failed at the box office however, it’s worth a look.

4. I did not kill Gandhi (2005)

Mahatma gandhi movie list

Widowed Uttam Chaudhary (Anupam Kher) lives in a relaxed lifestyle along with his son who is a college student Karan and a daughter Trisha and is in love with South Indian young man known as Ashish Reddy. He also has an elder son who’s married and based as a teacher in America. United States, through whose income the Chaudharys reside on. 

Uttam is a Lecturer however, when he begins to get old and in a state of forgetfulness, he is advised to retire. He is very close with Trisha who takes care of his needs. The very first major event Trisha encounters with her father occurs when the father announces that he’s getting ready for work, and asks his wife to get him breakfast. Then, things escalate and especially when Ashish’s parents visit to visit the Chaudharys. 

This is where Uttam speaks in a bizarre manner about his role in the death of Mohandas K. Gandhi. Trisha is now required to determine whether her father was responsible in any way for the death of Gandhi, and what triggered the long-buried memory of the father’s mind. She simultaneously, accept that her impairment could impact her romantic life as well.

Nuance is seldom found in Hindi films and “Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara” has a lot of it. The humor, the score, the acting and the story, all meet up to make this superbly downplayed film. However this film shows such a lot of comprehension of human instinct that its ready to evoke from the audience, real respect for its characters

5. Carry on Munnabhai (2006) (Lage Raho Munnabhai)

Mahatma gandhi movie list

Amongst every Mahatma Gandhi Movie made, This movie stands-out different due to it’s unique way of conveying the message regarding Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts to people. Instead of taking any historical part of Mahatma Gandhi’s life, it brings spirit Mahatma Gandhi himself as a part of story and brings a lot of drama, comedy, emotions and in the end swiftly conveys the message of importance of Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts to the audience.

The friendly Goon Murli Prasad Sharma also known as Munna along with his trusted assistant Circuit work for Lucky Singh who’s a malpracticing builder. Munna is obsessed with his radio DJ called Jahnvi . He is able to meet her in person following the win of an online contest , and decides to research Mahatma Gandhi’s life, and the principles of his to win her affection . 

Then, something happens that is completely unfathomable : Munna begins to meet Mahatma Gandhi in person, who is eager to assist him . Then, when Jahnvi’s home is taken by the unjust Lucky Singh , Munna embarks on using Gandhi’s principles of honesty and non-violence in order to make the change in the heart of Lucky Singh.

6. Gandhi my father (2007)

Mahatma gandhi movie list

Well instead of focusing on the “Mahatma” part of Gandhi, this movie focuses on his personal life. It takes an insight at troubled father-son relationship of Mahatma Gandhi (Darshan Jariwala) and his son Harilal Gandhi (Akshay Khanna).

It shows how the “M K Gandhi” had to sacrifice his life as a father in order to stay in shoes of “Mahatma”. How every attempt of Father Mohandas and son Harilal of getting closure is ruined by the “Mahatma” part of the public life of Gandhi.

However it was a Box office failure and largely tagged as “boring” movie, its still worth a watch to look at Mahatma Gandhi’s life with a different perspective.

7. Hey ram humne gandhi ko mar diya (2018) (We killed Gandhi)

Mahatma gandhi movie list

Directed by Naeem Siddiqui, the film is based around the divergent beliefs of two people who meet on the train on January 28th, 1948, just two days prior to the assassination attempt of the Mahatma and how events occurring during the journey can have an impact on the two people.

It is set in 1948, On one hand there is Kailash who has lost everything in post partition riots in calcutta and on the other hand Divakar is going to village to become a Teacher. They meet during a train journey just before two days of assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. Kailash thinks Gandhiji is responsible for his loss in riots and Divakar strongly believes in Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violence, tolerance and embracing all the religions. Events during the journey forces them both to rethink their beliefs only to find out at the end of their journey that Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated.

8. Gandhi ni Bakri (2019) (Gandhi’s Goat: Regional Language Play Gujarati)

Mahatma gandhi movie list

Despite it’s not a movie and had no Direct involvement of Mahatma Gandhi in the plot, this regional (Gujarati language) play is worth to be in the list due to its extraordinary plot.

Directed by Utpal Modi, this Gujarati language Play makes sociopolical statement in form of satire. It exposes fraud politician wearing false mask of “Gandhi’s Philosophy”.

Set in 1975, some political goons finds a Goat (Bakri) in a village and claims that it was Gandhi’s Goat and tries to Conn people by claiming that the goat had magical powers and so they want to do charity and build an Ashram, and slowly comes to power by making the Goat their symbol and shield. Ultimately some youngsters and educated people raises their voice against it. The Play was a good move to expose false “Philosophers” trying go gain fame & fortune in name of Mahatma Gandhi.

9. Ra Metanoia (Short Film 2020)

Mahatma gandhi movie list

Director Ram Alladi won best director’s award for this periodic drama short film at Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival.

It depicts the journey of a common man to become a Mahatma (Great Soul). what is far more exciting is the sci-fi element of the film. The events of extraordinary life of Mahatma Gandhi is swiftly combined with the scientific concepts of Quantum mechanics, rare space elements & Einstein Rosenberg bridge.


We have listed a few movies you can watch on Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti to understand the legacy of this great leader. Hope you enjoy these suggestions and share your favorite movie with us in the comments below!

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