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7 God Movies: When God appeared amongst humans

When it comes to God movies, it is a very heavy subject and mostly we’ll see them (Gods) playing their part remotely helping out through prayers, magics, or through inspirations unless the movie itself is mythological in nature.

But there are God movies where not only God appears amongst normal people, but also helping out our heroes and sometimes they themselves seeking help amongst earthly people in a comic way. Let us dive into a small list for fun.

1. Bruce Almighty (2003)

God Movie Bruce Almighty

Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) keeps complaining about god too often and then God (Morgan Freeman) arrives and gives him his powers for some days to run the world as he wishes. Only making Bruce realize that it is always easy to complain but God has his own ways to do the right things. This comic drama is a definite watch for Jim Carrey fans.

2. Evan Almighty (2007)

God Movie Evan Almighty

Extending the storyline from Bruce Almighty, this comic flick goes ahead further. This time it is congressman Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) who goes by the slogan of “Change the world” and guess what!! the God (Morgan Freeman) appears to him and gives him a mammoth task of building an ark to save the lives in the National Park and become a “Morden day Noah”. Evan faces lots of troubles and almost everyone leaves him. But will he really change the world? watch this entertaining comic drama for that.

3. God tussi great ho (2008)

God tussi great ho

Call it inspiration or a remake. God tussi great ho is the Bollywood version of Bruce Almighty. It has the same storyline, AP the TV anchor always keeps blaming god for whatever is wrong in his life and the God (Amitabh Bachchan) appears to let him run the world and learn the lessons of his life.

4. Oh My God! (2012)

oh my god movie

Adoption from a regional (Gujarati) stage play “Kanji vs Kanji”, Oh My God has a unique storyline where Kanji lalji mehta (Paresh Rawal) who is an atheist drags God all the way to the courtroom for compensation for his shop lost in an earthquake. Here God (Akshay Kumar) appears as a consultant and teaches him lessons of “Karma”.

5. Taqdeerwala (1995)

taqdeerwala movie

It is not always Human seeking help from God. Sometimes the situation is reversed and God needs help amongst humans. The same can be seen in the comedy-drama Taqdeerwala where Yama (the god of death, Kadar khan) and his accomplice Chitragupta (Asrani) loses the book of fate on earth and they come on earth searching for the book with a deadline of one month. The book comes in possession of Suraj (Venkatesh) who looks into his own future in the book and comes to know that her mother is next on the death list. So his challenge is to keep the book away from the god of death looking for it. What happens next? well, watch the movie for that.

6. Yuhi Kabhi (1994)

Yuhi kabhi movie

This is probably the most unknown movie on the God Movies list. Yuhi Kabhi was director Kumar Bhatia who himself plays the lead role as Amar Sinha who is a very honest young man always trying to fix all aspects of life through the path of truth and honesty. There appears God (Ashok Kumar aka DadaMuni) giving him the tough task of passing his message to the world and stop the wrong happenings in the world, which in turn tears apart the world of Amar. The film drags all the way to the courtroom drama where god is summoned for testifying. So, does the god appear in the courtroom before the judge? Better watch this well-made movie.

7. Yehi hai Zindagi (1977)

yehi hai zindagi movie

Anand Narayan (Sanjeev Kumar) is a poor family man struggling to meet ends. He slowly makes progress in business from a Tea vendor to a Restaurant owner to a Hotel King. In his journey, God (Shri Krishna, Vikram Gokhale) visits him regularly and talks about his journey. Anand always takes credit for his success and hard work. But as life progresses, Anand faces ugly turns in his professional and personal life making him realize that he is a failure. Then God advises him to learn from the Mahabharat, that every life is a struggle, which is confused by relations and near and dear ones, and also by one’s ego. Once the ego is removed, then only one can see clearly. What’s next? watch it yourself in this classic drama.


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