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Scam1992 Gujarati proverbs and it’s meaning

One of the prime reasons for the grand success of Scam1992 The Harshad Mehta Story is the Dialogues. Well-timed Hindi and Gujarati proverbs in the Dialogues have made it very effective.

Here are some Gujarati proverbs from Scam1992 with Audio and simplified meaning.

1. By Harshad mehta: Episode 02

Scam1992 proverb

“भैंस आगल भागवत”

“Reading Holy book in front of Buffalo”

Meaning: Trying to convince someone or giving someone knowledgeable about the subject in which he/she has no basic idea.

2. By Harshad mehta: Episode 02

Scam1992 proverb
scam1992 gujarati

“भैंस भागोले छास छागोले ने घरमाँ धमाधम”

“Already fighting for butter at home when the buffalo is merely eating outside the village”

Meaning: Already dreaming, planning, and fighting about the far-away results when hasn’t even started anything in actual.

3. By Ashwin Mehta: Episode 02

Scam1992 proverb
scam1992 gujarati

“शेठ सुतो शयनकक्षमाँ ने रात जागे कालनो फ़क़ीर”

“while the rich sleep in chambers of gold; the poor stay up all night in the cold”

Meaning: Worrying about the problem needlessly and thinking about the solution in entirely wrong direction.

4. By Harshad Mehta: Episode 02

scam1992 proverb
scam1992 proverb

“आज फकीरनी फकीरी गई तरछोड़ अने सुषे नहीं शेठ पेलो मा**चो*”

“the poor can now get some respite; and that rich mo**e*f*c**r won’t sleep tonight”

Meaning: When the problem is solved for a while giving respite and the problem itself is passed back to the person who caused it.

5. By Harshad Mehta: Episode 03

Scam1992 proverb
scam1992 proverb

“खच्चर बुद्धि खोट बराबर”

“think like a donkey and you will definitely make loses”

Meaning: Someone who is not understanding the simplest of logic and thinking in a loss making way.

6. By Harshad Mehta: Episode 08

Scam1992 proverb
Scam1992 proverb

“आवडे नहीं घेंस ने रांधवा बेसे भैंस”

“buffalo trying to cook feast when it don’t even know to cook simple rice”

Meaning: Somebody who has no basic knowledge of a subject, is taking bigger actions without knowing consequences.

7. By Ashwin Mehta: Episode 09

Scam1992 proverb
Scam1992 proverb

“ए तो जे खाय ऐनु अनाज अने जे उगाडे एनो भगवान”

“one who possesses the grain eats it; and one who implanted it is at god’s mercy”

Meaning: When a powerful possesses or consumes a thing; Nobody cares about whose actual hard work is behind the very existence of that thing.

8. By Bhushan Bhatt: Episode 10

Scam1992 proverb
Scam1992 gujarati proverb

“डाई सासरे न जाय ने गाँड़ि ने शिखामण आपे”


Meaning: A person advising someone; while not being able to implement the same advice to him/her self.

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  1. Please find that Gujarati dialogue
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