“All great changes are born from Chaos!” -InsideEdge S03
“You know what’s the similarity between one’s virginity & credibility? you only loose it once” – Girish Mukherjee: Inside EdgeS03
“Sometimes one has to betray one’s own, for the sake of Image Management, you see!!” – InsideEdge S03
“Kick a horse during the Race! Not after its over…” – Dexter S06
“The Police don’t consult Amatuers” – Sherlock
“A lot of people believe; we only find one true love in our lives; But what they dont realize is you can have several lives” -Tokyo: Money Heist S05
“If You Really want something in life, you have to steal it from somebody else; Thats the story of the world my son” -Money Heist Season05
“Only a true thief feels like he owns someone else’s property. Now you know that you are really one of us” -Berlin: Money Heist s05
“Death is simply just a word of Priori; It comprises everything that doesn’t exist; And on the other hand, once you’re dead, You wont remember you are alive anymore” -Berlin: Money Heist S05
“We all have something to hide, Some dark place inside us we dont want the world to see; So we pretend everything is OK, Wrapping ourselves in Rainbows” – Dexter S05