Jennifer Lawrence boldly answered on rumors about her being involved sexually with behind the bar movie mogul Harvey weinstein.

The 32-Year old participated in Vogue’s 73 Questions programs for the first time.

During the Vogue interview, she recalled Weinstein’s alleged claim and didn’t missed a bit.

When she was asked “What's the most bizarre thing you've ever read about yourself?”

She briefly paused and bravely answered literally saying: "That I f**ked Harvey Weinstein."

And this wasn’t the first time that Lawrence bluntly addressed these rumours.

Lawrence was working with The Weinstein company for “Silver Linings Playbook” in 2012, which ultimately won her the Academy Award.

Complaints and & Allegation of sexual abuse by Weinstein were first made headlines in October 2017, which in turn triggered MeToo and Time’sUP movements.

Ultimately Weinstein was found guilty in multiple sex crimes and currently sentenced to 23 year imprisonment.

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