The Indian jury took everyone by surprise when they nominated this regional against giants like RRR and The Kashmir Files for Oscar entry

The 95th Oscar awards are scheduled for announcement  on March 13, 2023 at Dolby theatres, California for films released in 2022

The entry from India for International film category is a surprise as it is not a giant but a less known regional movie

India's official entry for Oscar is Gujarati Movie Chhello Show (The Last Show)

Chhello Show is made by Pan Nalin and based on his own childwood memories of falling in love with movies in rural Gujarat

The film is set in rural gujarat where a young boy Samay pursuits his love for the silver screen

The film is produced by Roy Kapur Films and  all set to hit theatres in india on October 14th, 2022

After winning battle against giants like RRR and The Kashmir Files, the hopes of movie lovers are high, Hope for the Best

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